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No less country, no more beauty - that is Montenegro!

Although small in territory, Montenegro abounds in natural beauty, historical monuments and sunny weather almost all year round. It is a country full of contrasts. At a distance of only 100 kilometers there are three different natural environments: the coast, the karst region and the region of high mountains. Often times, tourists have the opportunity to swim in the sea, rafting on rivers, hiking or skiing in the mountains - all in one day. In just an hour's drive, you will cross from the Mediterranean zone to the mountain zone to the ski slopes. Exotic trees grow not far from alpine plants.

Three hundred kilometers of the Adriatic coast is the jewel of the Montenegrin array of natural beauties. The beaches are pebble, sandy or rocky, only a few meters long, hundreds of meters or kilometers. Lonely - away from populated areas or in front of the central city waterfront or your hotel. Some, with restless waves, look out to sea and some are sheltered in the calm waters of a picturesque bay. Some, again, are tame and easily accessible, others are wild, isolated and inaccessible, they can usually only be reached by boat or boat.

Recognizing the importance and magnitude of this wealth, the Montenegrin Parliament declared Montenegro an ecological state in 1988. Thus, the state became the protector of the untouched natural kingdom. At the UNCED conference (Brazil 1992), Montenegro was declared the first ecological country in the world. Montenegro is also a country of natural rarities, it is home to one of the two jungles in Europe, the southernmost and most beautiful glacier bay in the world, the deepest and longest river a canyon in the world after Colorado, the longest submerged river, the largest and most characteristic lake in this part of Europe (Skadar Lake) and the cleanest river in Europe-Tara. Durmitor National Park and the city of Kotor are on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List! It could soon supplement its place on this list with two magnificent names such as Prokletije and Orjen next to the already existing Skadar Lake, Lovćen, Biogradska gora and Durmitor.



Littoral is the southernmost region with narrow belt (1-10 km wide), along the Adriatic Sea, from settlement Igalo on the west down to confluence of the River of Bojana on the east.

Central part

Central part consists of 2 parts. The first – Dinaride mountainous wreath that literally oversees over littoral. Another part of central region make plains.

Mountanious part

Mountainous region covers northern part of country here is sub Alp climate with cold and with heavy snowy periods and moderate warm summer.

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