Real Estate
Joint Investments
Locations for the construction of a residential complex and villas

Plot with a magnificent view of the sea, the coastal settlment Veliki Pijesak, Utjeha, Bar and the surrounding mountains. The plot is under construction with the possibility of building a building of 2600m2 and two villas of 450m2. There is a possibility of buying a plot at an extremely favorable price in the amount of 310,000 € or an agreement on joint construction with a percentage of 21% of the future facility belonging to the owner of the plot. The mentioned location, where there are already buildings with apartments and villas, is extremely attractive and highly sought after by buyers, so the price per square meter ranges from 1600 € to 2500 € per m2 of living space, and villas are sold at a price of 500 000 € and more. It is recommended to build high quality apartments on the plot with a focus on quality and system components (support for smart systems ...) and VIP apartments.

Our partners: ANTULA Nalengroup Cro-Montenegro Kamin