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Location for the construction of an ethno village

For sale an orchard of 12000m2 in the beautiful village of Sekular, 15 km from Berane. The village is located at 915m above sea level. The village is easy to reach from Berane to Andrijevica, then over the bridge on the Lim to it lead 2 roads, one of which is asphalt and leads upstream along the Sekularska river, and the other, upper, in part of 4 km of macadam, and part of the road that passes through the central part of the village is paved in the length of 3 km. The road leads through the upper villages, to the mountain Mokra. The village is ecologically completely clean, nature untouched by many springs, streams, rivers. It is very suitable for rural tourism, given that it is a real source of everything you need to offer tourists, from clean mountain air, through healthy food to countless medicinal herbs that are abundant in this area.

Our partners: ANTULA Nalengroup Cro-Montenegro Kamin